The evolution of the modern workforce demands a more diverse range of products to meet the different environments in which we all work. The Plantronics portfolio of solutions is designed to address the different use-cases and segments of your organization, and to meet the increasing need for workspace flexibility. Plantronics have matched each of these common use cases, or user profiles, with a headset or audio device that best suits the demands imposed by the environments in which we work.  Speak to your Auroz Account Manager about the best solutions for next communications deployment.


The increasing need for collaboration is driving new workplace strategies. Cubicles have transformed to open offices. Headquaters have become multiple campuses where not all offices within a given company look the same and workers rely on various devices – desk phone, PC softphone, mobile phone, or a combination



Sales reps, field engineers, trainers – or just someone working at home. Your virtual users might be off site, in a different department, or even in a different country, but they’re logged into your UC infrastructure.

Working remotely can make virtual workers feel farther away than they actually are. So supply them with quality audio that not only seamlessly integrates with your UC system but also ensures that they sound professional. Enable your virtual workers to hear and be heard, even when they aren’t being seen.


Your VP of sales is on a six-state swing visiting customers. Marketing is manning a trade show booth in Orlando and your logistics manager has touched down somewhere in China.

All of them need the ability to hear and be heard, with audio devices that connect easily the first time and seamlessly integrate with your UC system. You can drive UC adoption by letting them match their unique work styles to the right audio device, enabling rich, audio connections where ever work finds them