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A brand built on innovation.

For over 20 years, Polycom has led the industry in setting the standard for enterprise class communications. From our immersive telepresence systems to our video desktops to our conference phones and accessories, Polycom technology is an integral part of the way businesses around the world to do business.

From Telemedicine to applications in government, entertainment, science and education, Polycom is fuelling collaboration, knowledge and understanding around the world.

Today, mobility presents a dramatic transformation in the way people communicate, access information, share content and stay connected. It is the next giant leap for human collaboration. Bar none.

At Polycom, this new reality drives the next chapter for our company—to unite the devices, operating systems and service providers that power the mobile world under a single, powerful, secure, easy to use technology that delivers the highest quality audio and video to everyone, everywhere. This is our mission. And we’ll accomplish it with the RealPresence Platform.