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StarLeaf Medley

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StarLeaf is the first cloud vendor to enable Skype Meetings to accommodate non-Skype for Business video meeting room systems.

StarLeaf, the leading cloud video conferencing and calling provider, has announced a range of services, that allow traditional video meeting room systems, such as Cisco, Polycom etc., to join a scheduled Skype for Business meeting. StarLeaf is the first to market with a solution that ranges from a free connectivity service – StarLeaf Medley – through to full integration services.

Available now, Medley can be accessed by any Skype Meeting organizer, who in one simple step can invite any number of internal or external third-party video systems to join their meeting. This is the first time video equipment from Cisco, Lifesize or Polycom, etc., can be invited and connected directly into a Skype Meeting.

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3rd Party Meeting Room Systems

StarLeaf Skype for Business Services

Skype_for_Business_logo-transparent-backgroundFull Skype for Business integration service for H.323 and SIP meeting room systems.

This is StarLeaf’s Skype for Business Interop service for older meeting rooms and works for Cisco, Polycom, Lifesize, Avaya and more. It also functions with both Skype for Business on-premise and Skype for Business Online. There is no additional hardware as the offering is Infrastructure as a Service, with Directories synced across all of your devices and sites. It features a fully integrated sleek user experience, where you can instantly escalate your point-to-point call into a group meeting, plus take advantage of direct Peer-to-Peer Video Calling.

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StarLeaf Skype for Business


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Dedicated Meeting Room Hardware, including the GTm 5140 Huddle – a perfectly formed system that features a touchscreen controller, USB camera and mic. It is purpose built for Microsoft Skype for Business/Lync, and Office 365, and delivers professional video conferencing. Plus, the GTm-5250, offering style and versatility. You can select either single or dual screen support, and includes options for multiple PTZ cameras. Finally, the Maestro Management platform which is dedicated to the GTm range. Gain central management from a single location. It allows for easy management and deployment and of all GTm systems, no matter where they are sited.

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GT Mini & Group Telepresence

StarLeaf’s GT Mini 3330 transforms any meeting space into a video conferencing room and is a cost-effective great quality solution that improves productivity and decision making. Equally, the Group Telepresence 3351 is a quality solution designed for very large spaces that reduces costs and time spent traveling. No training needed, extends business reach and works seamlessly with existing voice and video installations: Cisco, Skype for Business/Lync, Polycom, Lifesize, H.323/SIP, and phones.

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GT Mini 3330
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Group Telepresence 3351
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